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Watch As Family Members React To Two Cancer Survivors Getting Surprise Makeovers!

Susan was in remission but unfortunately, her cancer returned. Shortly after learning this, her husband David was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Susan remained as upbeat and positive as possible and wanted to be selected for a makeover to surprise David for his birthday. She hadn’t even told him she was on live TV!


Linda had been cancer-free for eight years and was actually in New York for her annual follow-up. Her son, Joel said: “I’m really excited. I know she really wanted it and she’s really worked hard to give me everything I needed, so I’m just happy for her.”

The transformations are truly astounding but the thing that shines the brightest from these two ladies is their remarkable spirits!

Licari and Martin wanted Susan and Linda to feel as beautiful on the outside as they did on the inside and from the looks of their family members’ reactions, they succeeded.

Take A Look For Yourself But Grab The Tissues First!

We’re pretty sure Susan’s husband David received a birthday surprise he’s never going to forget, but the most important thing is that these warriors are happy, healthy, and feel fantastic about themselves.

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