Two Young Boys Become Heroes After Finding A Newborn Baby In The Dumpster

When the baby was born, she put her in a trash bag, with the umbilical cord still attached. She took the bag out to the dumpster and tossed it in.

That night, 13-year-old Raymond Price and his little brother were taking out the garbage when they thought they heard a cat crying from the dumpster.

Instead of walking away and ignoring the sound, the boys began searching for the source, which led them to the baby.


The brothers pulled the bag out of the dumpster, and Raymond immediately ran for help while the younger boy stayed with the baby.

Emergency medical help came and took the baby to a nearby hospital where she received medical attention that kept her alive.

Had the boys just turned their back on the sound or panicked, the three-year-old may not be alive today.


Source: Teen Finds Baby in Dumpster w/ Umbilical Cord Still Attached, Tied in White Trash Bag by Liftable

On Feb. 9, Shelby Taylor was found guilty of attempted murder for putting her baby in the dumpster and will be sentenced for her crime next week.

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