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Bullies Called Her ‘Tumor Girl’; But Now She’s Found A Love Who Accepts Her For Who She Is

After years and years of unbearable teasing and bullying about her looks, a young woman named Sophie Walker has found love. The Virginia woman, 22, has been battling a rare disease for most of her life called neurofibromatosis. The Mayo Clinic describes the incurable disease as a genetic condition that causes tumors to form on nerve tissue and develop anywhere on the body – spinal cord, nerves, and even the brain. Although the tumors are mostly benign, they do have the potential to turn malignant.

But despite the many challenges Sophie faced, nothing could stand in the way of true love. And although she felt like giving up on having a love life, with all of the horrible comments about her looks, Sophie feels blessed to have found love with college friend Christian Dibden.

The two reconnected during a night out with mutual friends and have been together ever since.

“Men used to keep me secret and would be embarrassed to be seen with me. But now I’ve finally found someone who makes me feel beautiful and loves me for who I am,” Sophie said.

Sophie Was Born With A Rare Genetic Condition That Causes Tumors To Grow All Over Her Body


Over The Years She Has Endured Many Instances Of Bullying


After Giving Up On Finding Love, She Reconnected With A College Friend


Christian And Sophie Hit It Off Immediately


Sophie Finally Feels Accepted For Who She Is