Toddler Yells One Word During His Adoption Hearing And Makes The Judge’s Mind Up

People who choose to adopt their children can definitely be described as “special.” Whether it’s someone who is adopting their stepson or a couple traveling overseas to meet their daughter for the first time, it takes a very loving and caring person to make the commitment to raise someone else’s biological child as their own.


Mandi and Tyler Palmer got married in 2014 and tried having children of their own two years but it wasn’t meant to be.

Mandi had a few setbacks with her health, including being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and was told she was unable to have children.


But Mandi and Tyler knew they were destined to have a family so they turned to becoming foster parents in their community.

“We kept hearing the cry for foster parents in our area. So we talked about it and prayed about it and we signed up for the classes,” Mandi explained.


One week later, those prayers were answered and Hunter was placed with the Palmers, just eight days after he was born.

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