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See The Magical Moment When Toddler Mistakes Bride For Real Princess

There’s no shortage of princesses to go around for little girls who adore them. From the Disney classics to Barbie to Polly Pocket, there’s a princess for practically everyone. Whether little girls want to dress up and daydream about them or simply admire from afar, it’s often a big part of their childhood fantasy play.

But meeting a princess in real life? It’s practically impossible.

This Little Girl Thought She Saw A Real-Life Princess

When Seattle couple Shandace Lerma and Scott Robertson were having their wedding photos taken by photographer Stephanie Cristalli last February, a curious little girl and her mom happened to walk by.

She Was Over The Moon

Apparently, the little one saw beautiful bride Shandace in her gorgeous white flowing gown and thought she was a real live princess and got really excited!

Beautiful Bride Shandace Was Having Her Photos Taken When The Little One Saw Her

“The little girl thought my beautiful wife was the Princess from her favorite book (the one she’s holding),” Scott wrote on a Reddit post. After chatting with the lovely bride, the little girl looked absolutely enchanted.

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