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Toddler Has Multiple Heart Surgeries AND The Biggest Smile When He Takes His First Unassisted Steps!

No matter difficult we think our lives are, there is usually someone out there whose daily life is a lot more difficult than ours.

You’ve probably been told to “count your blessings” several times over the course of your life, but a little boy in Iowa is about to give you another example of why remembering this idiom can be so humbling.

** THROW BACK THURSDAY** Xander when he was 4 months old <3 This was taken during and him home health nurse visit and…

Posted by Xander the great on Thursday, May 11, 2017

Nicole Vote was just four weeks pregnant when doctors told her the unborn child she was carrying had congenital heart defects. They suggested that she terminate her pregnancy because her child would never have any sort of “quality of life.”

She refused.

As most of you remember Xander was prescribed glasses a few months back but as you can tell in this picture they are not…

Posted by Xander the great on Monday, July 10, 2017

“I felt he deserved the chance to live as long as God intended him to live whether that be one day or 100 years it was HIS life and not mine to take away,” Nicole explained.


Ultimately, she continued with the pregnancy and her son Xander was born with six different heart defects.

**HONEST OPINIONS NEEDED**This photo is Xander recovering from his 6th time having his chest opened….Are you OK with seeing "raw " or do you find it offensive/not ok ???

Posted by Xander the great on Sunday, October 8, 2017

He underwent his first surgery when he was six weeks old and has had three more since then. Sadly, the year-old still has at least two more to go.

That’s not all this adorable little tyke is battling.

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