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She Thought Her Lips Were ‘Too Big’ For Red Lipstick Until Rihanna Sang Her Praises

Grace has been faced with many an unsavory remarks in her lifetime from folks who probably would have been better off keeping their opinions to themselves.

On this day, however, Grace was showered with love and praise from nearly every which way.

Support practically poured into the comment section as other luscious-lipped women even chimed in to share similar experiences.

That wasn’t even the best part though. It’s always super cool when strangers show love but do you know what’s even more exhilarating and confidence-boosting than that?

Well duh, when Rihanna chimes in!


In better spirits, with a huge confidence boost Grace can now be seen fully rocking a red lip on IG!

All she needed was a little love from a few of the internet’s fiercest warrior women and of course, a little nudge in the right direction from Badgalriri!

Now Grace is looking pretty in pink, red, blue, purple, green and everything inbetween!


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