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She Thought Her Lips Were ‘Too Big’ For Red Lipstick Until Rihanna Sang Her Praises

Grace (Naa Atswei) Boye is a lot like many other young women. She is strong and yet sensitive, confident and yet still at times, insecure. One of her greatest insecurities are her lips. Grace is absolutely stunning and her lips are one of her many features that make her such a gorgeous young woman. However-the 20 year-old college student doesn’t always feel that way.

While you might think “How on earth could this gorgeous girl think her lips are anything but flawless?!”  For Grace, growing up with a prominent pout proved to be a problem on more than one occasion.

Grace admits that she has been bullied her whole life and even called a fish because of her pout, even to the point where she would try to make them appear smaller.

It’s safe to say that we can all relate. Everyone is self-concious or insecure about something, right?


Recently Grace found herself on the ever-so-famous FENTY BEAUTY Instagram

It was here that the student fell in love with make vlogger Aysha Harun’s fresh-faced look with a bright red lip as the “cherry on top.” (It’s plain to see why.)

Grace who is notorious for keeping her lips lowkey and neutral by rocking light gloss and less than attention drawing colors, expressed her desire to “pull off” the bright hue, in the comment section of this FENTY BEAUTY photo.


Having been told her lips were “too big” since she was just a kid, Grace wasn’t feeling her most confident.

That is, until she left this comment,,,

Read AHEAD to see what FENTY BEAUTY’S, Rihanna had to say to Grace!