Man With Rare Condition Covering 98% Of His Body Is Embracing His Title Of ‘World’s Hairiest Man’

Nat learned to embrace her difference early on and was able to maintain many friendships and even found true love. It took Larry a little longer, but he, too, found love and is on a mission to spread the message of accepting people who look different.

His message is helping get spread thanks to Chicago filmmaker Travis Hoefle, who runs the YouTube channel “Wizard of Odd TV.” Travis recently met with Larry and enjoyed his time with the “Wolf Man.”


“Larry has completely embraced his difference, saying he has never known anything else – it is what it is,” Travis said.

“He’s a very nice man and loves to make jokes,” he continued. “I can tell he’s a very caring person and a real family man. Wolf man’s outlook on life is very positive and inspirational – life is hard but you have to make the best of it each and every day.”

Larry is the “World’s Hairiest Man” but he wants people to know there is much more to him than that.

Watch Larry’s Story:

Less than 100 people are known to suffer from hypertrichosis worldwide.

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