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Teenager Bullied For Her Moles But She Doesn’t Let Them Define Her

Kids can be cruel and have been since the dawning of time.

Measures in recent years have been taken to stop cruelty in its tracks with several anti-bullying campaigns taking charge of the Internet and in schools.

Unfortunately, when kids get to high school, they’re often beyond the simple teachings being implemented in elementary schools that words are hurtful and can cause irreparable damage.


Everyone is saddened and shocked when a teen is bullied so badly they take their own life, but how many people take a look into the mirror and see how their own actions have affected the person?


In addition to anti-bullying campaigns, a body-positive movement has picked up steam across the country recently which is helping many teens cope with the negativity they’ve received growing up.

Being told that their imperfections are what makes them perfect is a message millions of people need to hear.


One teen who was born with a rare skin condition doesn’t let anyone’s mean-spirited words affect how she feels about herself one bit and says “Everyone is born different.”

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