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Teen With Excruciating Condition Wins Pride Of Britain Award For Courage

Moin Younis is a remarkable young man.

He was born with an excruciating skin condition called Epidermolysis Bullosa and his parents were told he wouldn’t live past his first birthday.

Moin is now 17.

Epidermolysis Bullosa is an extremely painful disease that is life-limiting.

The condition means that Moin, and the others that suffer from it, lack the protein needed to bind the layers of skin together.

Therefore, the skin tears and blisters at even the most gentle touch.

Moin is now the only person in the world with the most severe type of EB and his body is scarred and covered in wounds that will never heal.

Moin described living with EB:

“You can imagine cutting yourself or burning yourself – now just think for a second how much it would sting,” Moin said. “That’s pretty much how I feel everywhere. I go to sleep at night hoping to not wake up the next day, so I do not have to go through this routine.”

That routine consists of his bandages in the bath for an hour so they can be removed easier before his mom applies fresh bandages.

The process is painful and can take up to five hours sometimes.

There are two things that give Moin joy – his beloved Aston Villa football club and helping other kids.

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