Teen Refuses To Cut Her Nails After 4 Years Despite Her Grades Suffering As A Result

Having long, fancy nails is nothing new in the world of beauty. For centuries, women across the globe have taken a particular interest in making sure their nails are clean, strong, and a source of compliments and awe. In many cases, women of all ages flock to nail salons every couple of weeks to get manicures for natural nails and fill-ins for acrylic.


For decades, fake nails that can be slapped on with a little bit of sticky tape (a la Lee Press-On Nails) or attached with super glue (like from Kiss) were all the rage, but now, women are going with more of a natural look, choosing to keep their nails trim and tight.


Not all women, however. The current world record holder for the longest fingernails on a pair of female hands is Ayanna Williams of Houston, Texas, whose nails measured in at a total length of 18 feet, 10.9 inches.

It appears a teenager in Germany may be trying to nail down that record herself one day.

Simone Taylor is only 16 but has quite an impressive set of nails. Unfortunately, her 15 cm long, natural nails come with a huge drawback: her grades are suffering.

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