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Teen’s New School Shows Support And Kindness To Her And Her Rare Condition

Being a teenage girl is pretty tough.

They are always under pressure to look their best and this means keeping up with the latest hair, makeup, and fashion trends.


Not only is there pressure from their peers, but they also get it from their parents who want them to get good grades, coaches and other mentors who want them to push harder, and, of course, the perils of teen dating.


Now, imagine how difficult adolescence would be if you had to go through it with a physical condition that makes you look different than everyone else.

The common self-esteem insecurities are magnified to the 100th power when you feel everyone is staring at you and there’s nothing you can do about it.


One California teen who is a senior in high school had to live with that day in and day out since she was a freshman.

We say “had” because Cierra Rodriguez made a difficult decision that has changed her life for the better!

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