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Teen Photographer And His Little Brother Recreate Pennywise From Stephen King’s ‘It’

Here’s the most popular horror novelist in the world. He’s sold more than 350 million copies of his work worldwide and has seen many of his efforts turned into big and small screen adaptations. Even today, at age 69, Stephen King is still cranking out the books, and, in a strange turn events, his stories are once again finding themselves turned into films and TV series. While some recent ones have failed (The Dark Tower wasn’t very good), there are several that are highly anticipated, with the remake of It high on the list. Originally a 1990 mini-series, the story of Derry, Maine and the evil entity haunting its children was well received at the time, but many wondered what a true R-rated take on the novel would look like.

The answer is about to come from Andrés Muschietti (2013’s Mama), and early buzz is beyond positive. Fans were initially nervous about the approach being taken. The book covers both the childhood and the adult fallout of several characters, and the new film will only cover the past (Part 2 will be made later). The other concern – who would (or possibly could) replace Tim Curry as the central monster, a shapeshifting entity known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. Well, the current incarnation of the character is being played by Bill Skarsgård and the costume is incredible. It even inspired a young man to stage a photo shoot with his little brother and the results can be seen in the gallery below. Check it out – and stick around for a video of King himself discussing the new movie.

It’s One Of Stephen King’s Most Popular And Beloved Novels


It even inspired a 1990 TV mini-series.


It Featured Tim Curry As Pennywise The Dancing Clown

Many think his is the definitive performance.

Bill Skargard Is Now The New Killer Harlequin

And he’s really scary looking.

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