Teen Caught On Camera Helping Senior Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime For Her Kind Act

We live in cynical times and sometimes it’s hard to see how kind and thoughtful people really are. We’re bombarded by negativity on TV and in our social media feeds and it can sometimes feel like we never see positive stories of good people trying to better our world. Of course, we all know wonderful people who are always the first person to lend a helping hand and the truth of the matter is that you probably know more positive people than you do negative. Chances are that you’re one of these people, too!


However, when we are in the middle of something, especially when we’re at work, we can sometimes lose our patience with people. How many times have you been trying to get through a spreadsheet minutes before the deadline when a co-worker wanders over to your desk asking you something completely irrelevant that throws you off and you get frustrated?


It happens to everybody. The busier we are the more focused we become and we just want to get through our tasks without being hassled. But what may seem like being hassled to us could really be a friend or co-worker trying to get us to loosen up a little and relieve some stress from us.


When put that way, it kind of makes you think about how you’re going to react the next time it happens to you, doesn’t it? A teenager in Texas didn’t need that reminder when she was caught on camera in a genuine act of kindness and she received the surprise of a lifetime once the photo went viral!

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