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Teen Cancer Patient Does Empowering Photo Shoot To Own Her Look, And Her Condition

Could you stare potential death in the face with a smile on yours? Can you be optimistic when everything around you portends possible doom and gloom? That’s what happens to people who learn the have a terminal disease. One minute, their life is simple, if plagued by unknown medical problems they weren’t aware of. The next, it’s time for a tidal wave of tests followed by consultations were the good and/or bad news is delivered.

And then after that – what? How you choose to live your-by-now-on-borrowed-time life says a lot about who you are. If you’re by yourself, you can either hide from the world or try to follow a few dreams before the end. But if you’re a parent, and a spouse, or a kid, there are others to consider and think about. You may feel alone, but you are not, and in that regard, it’s better to feel empowered than hopeless and helpless.

Andrea Sierra Salazar is a 17-year-old high school student from Texas and she is staring back at cancer as only a determined diva can. She discovered a lump in her throat that was malignant, and has been battling the disease ever since. While she has done some modeling before the diagnosis, she lost her confidence when her hair went. Thats when a photographer suggested she pose sans wig. That has made all the difference. Now, Andrea owns her look and is showing it off to the entire world and, frankly, she looks damn good doing it.

Say Hello To Andrea


She’s not your typical teen.

She’s Been Modeling For A While Now

And looking good doing so.

She Has A Very Distinct Look

Very dark and mysterious.

And Can Fit Any Kind Of Style You Want

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She’s a true warrior.

But Now She Faces A Very Touch Battle Indeed – Continue On To Learn More