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Teen Asks Dwayne Johnson To Prom, Gets The Surprise Of Her Life When She Hears Him On School’s Intercom!

There are a lot of popular celebrities – even they weren’t, they wouldn’t have their job! But some are just more popular than others and it usually has something to do with what our perception is of them off-screen. In the court of public Hollywood opinion, one unfavorable verdict can evoke a sentence of never appearing on the silver screen again, or at least, it will be an uphill battle to see their name get top billing.


We’re not going to get into the number of celebrities who have essentially ruined their career by doing something stupid or saying something that got them in hot water, there’s enough celeb gossip sites for that, we’d rather focus on the A-listers that are constantly doing things to make us fall in love with them over and over again. And there’s no bigger A-lister right now than Dwayne Johnson.


Regardless of what genre The Rock chooses to film and no matter what the critics say about said film, his movies are bound to bring people to the theater and make the movie studios tons of cash. His versatility is just one of the reasons he’s as sought after as he is – he can play an action hero with just as much ease as a boisterous demigod of South Pacific legend in a Disney flick.


Some of it’s due to his electric personality and his positive outlook on just about everything. Johnson’s smile lights up a room and his down to earth social media Game is proof of it. But just when you think Johnson couldn’t be more endearing, he goes above and beyond for one high school student who invited him to her prom.

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