Teen Accidentally Started A Booming Business For Her Disabled Dad With One Tweet

Dads and daughters have a special relationship that starts the moment she enters the world. Most fathers have an overwhelming sense that they have to protect their little girl for the rest of their lives. Part of that commitment is taking care of their daughter and it doesn’t stop when they turn 18, when they walk them down the aisle on their wedding day, or when their daughter becomes a mother herself. But sometimes, a daughter takes care of her dad and that’s exactly what Alexis Gonzales did for her dad, Christopher.



Christopher is a divorced dad of two who works construction in Las Vegas. It’s a career he thoroughly enjoyed, both because it allowed him to work with his hands and because it adequately took care of his teenaged children. That is until an injury at a job site rendered him disabled. For over a year, Christopher has been dealing with spinal cord nerve damage that resulted in five bulging discs and five herniated discs. His only source of income since his accident has been receiving social security once a month. Christopher says although it’s been difficult for him to move around, he’s taken up some hobbies that allow him to make good use of his hands “to stay busy.”


He began doing little things around the house and took up painting and drawing but his favorite hobby is woodworking. It turns out he’s pretty good at it too! His 17-year-old daughter Alexis is old enough to understand that her dad is going through a very tough time since his injury and that it’s taken its toll on the family, too.

“We’ve been super tight on money lately,” Alexis said.


The disability checks bring in around $1,000 every month and Alexis has been working two jobs to help her dad pay the bills. Like most teens today, Alexis is also pretty savvy on social media and all of these elements combined to result in something amazing for her dad.

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