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Special Needs Teacher Taped Woman With Cerebral Palsy’s Mouth Shut Because She “Wouldn’t Be Queit”

The lawsuit alleges that said staffers at High Point School overmedicated Rosa, left her in a bathroom, and slapped her – as witnessed by a bus driver.

The suit claims that Rosa’s teacher, Nesa Johnson, duct-taped her mouth shut and texted her mother a photo of it with the caption “Help. She won’t be quiet!!!!”


The suit that was filed in federal court alleges there were two aides in the classroom at the time of the taping incident.

The Washtenaw School District says there was no report made at the time of the incidents, which was a year ago.

Watch The Story From The Local News, Including The Reactions From The Community And School District:

The Smiths’ lawyer Jonathan Marko stated last week: “The intensive program that Rosa was in, every time the parents would report a problem the school, would assure them that it was safe and that they were going to resolve the issues. This was not a situation where they could pull their daughter out of the school and put them in another school. It’s not that easy. This is an intensive program she was put into that was supposed to keep her safe.”

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