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This Is What It Would Be Like If Your Sunglasses Were Also Your Headphones!

There are roughly seven billion people spread across seven different continents on this planet which means that there are countless cultures and languages.

However, there are some similarities among us all.


For instance, there’s a pretty good chance everyone listens to some form of music.

Even if someone lives in a remote location that doesn’t get the latest Top-40 hit on terrestrial radio or has WiFi to stream it, they likely have songs that are rooted in their culture – both instrumental and with vocals.


There’s also a pretty good chance everyone lives someplace on earth where the sun’s rays can reach them.

Even folks in the Norwegian Arctic, where the “Polar Night” makes it dark for three months in the winter see a summer of the “Midnight Sun,” where our dwarf star doesn’t set for three months.

Talk about one extreme to another!


These two instances are brought up because there is a product out there that almost everyone on earth can use – and it combines music and sunshine.

It’s called a Zungle.

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