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Stunning Makeover Removes Both Yards of Hair AND Years From Woman’s Life

In the daily grind of our everyday lives, it’s fairly easy to get into a fashion rut. Whether you choose those comfy sweats over a stylish top and skinny jeans or hang on to that ‘do from your college days, playing it safe keeps life manageable. Who hasn’t left the house before in a ho-hum ponytail and our trusty yoga pants from 2007? Trust us, we’ve all been there before.

Diane Drago Hadn’t Cut Her Hair In Decades

But sometimes you need to take a risk and shake things up a little bit in the style department. Making a fresh change proves that you’re willing to invest in yourself and get a little boost along the way.

Strangers Often Nicknamed Diane “Rapunzel”

For Diane Drago, the act of turning 50 was a transformation in the making. She had spent the past several decades with locks as long as Rapunzel but with her monumental birthday approaching, she realized she needed a fresh new look.

For Her Upcoming 50th Birthday, She Turned To The Rachael Ray Crew For Makeover Help

So she reached out to the Rachael Ray Show for some much-needed expert makeover help. Stylist Kyan Douglas worked his magic on Diane and her final reveal is absolutely stunning!

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