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Students In Chicago Are Using Art To Overcome Their Crippling Pain From Rare Conditions

For centuries, possibly even longer, people have used art to express their inner emotional and psychological pain.

Ludwig van Beethoven was said to have energetic highs and suicidal lows throughout his life. Yet, is one of the greatest composers in history.


Painter Edvard Munch was reported to suffer from depression, agoraphobia, hallucinations, as well as overcame a nervous breakdown. His mental illness inspired his famous painting, The Scream.

Sylvia Plath, known as one of the first confessional poets, bravely detailed her depression through her poems and in her novel The Bell Jar. Plath attempted to take her own life several times, beginning at age 20. 10 years later, she was successful.


Art has long been suggested as a way of people to deal with their inner demons, past abuse, depression, anxiety, and mental illness.

In the last few decades, people with special needs like autism and Down syndrome have also been encouraged to try their hand at music or drawing as therapy.


The Chicago Academy for the Arts is taking their platform and offering it to people who suffer from physical pain as well, and it turns out it is helping at least one young lady.

Elise Robinson uses charcoal to relieve the pain she has as a result of a rare condition.

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