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Massachusetts Students Launch Social Media Campaign To Help Classmate With Rare Disease

We are living in a very trying time in the world right now. There is a lot of negativity online and on TV that can make even the most caring and compassionate person feel hopeless.

This year alone, Americans have experienced a tumultuous political landscape, division and dissension, natural disasters that ravaged the country, and more senseless mass shootings.


More importantly, there have been positives that have come out of the turmoil.

Women have taken a stand against inappropriate and abusive conduct and have been given a voice and support in the struggle to combat it.

People from all backgrounds, religions, and races are joining together in the fight against racism and hatred.


From the violence and shootings, stories emerged of people putting their own lives on the line to save complete strangers.

Out of the rubble that the hurricanes and fires left behind, local and national communities are coming together to reach out a helping hand to those who have lost everything.


And then there are the stories of children who refuse to allow future generations to suffer from any more negativity by doing what’s right today.

Stories like an entire Massachusetts middle school who came together to help out a classmate with a rare and fatal disease.

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