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Student Called ‘Elephant Legs’ By Teacher Gets Ultimate Revenge By Becoming A Fitness Model

When Yi was 15, she moved to the United States and people started complimenting her muscular physique.

Yi started to see her amazing muscles as positive.

“When I moved to America it gave me a whole different attitude to my physique, people would compliment my body and legs all the time,” Yi said.

With her new-found confidence in her body, Yi began working out.

Now, she is an inspiration to her nearly 50,000 Instagram followers with her photos, videos, and messages about body positivity!

Check Out This Video Of Yi Doing Her Thing!

Just because you may not look like someone else’s idea of “beautiful,” don’t let them get you down. Be confident in who you are because whether you are thin, muscular, or other – you are beautiful and you are strong!

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