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Student Called ‘Elephant Legs’ By Teacher Gets Ultimate Revenge By Becoming A Fitness Model

There are several outcomes that are the result of being bullied as a child, but two of the most common are that 1. The person bullied crawls inside their shell and their self-esteem is damaged for quite some time and 2. That they use those words to motivate them for some sweet revenge!

Not a “sweet revenge” in the sense that they become a bully themselves – we’ve unfortunately seen that cycle all too often – but in the sense that they go on to prove everyone wrong.

That kind of sweet revenge is the best kind!

When Yi Chen was a young girl living in Taiwan, she was taunted by her classmates and even her teacher for being muscular.

The teacher called her “elephant legs” and the children, in turn, referred to her as “King Kong Barbie.” Her own family even told her she was “too big.”

Can't feel?

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Yi was 10 at the time and very impressionable.

She quit playing sports and ate less so she could become “thin” like everyone wanted.

Then she moved to the U.S. and things took a dramatic turn…