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Want A Surefire Cure For Stress And Anxiety? How About A Box Of Kittens

Life is hard. They don’t call it a rat race for nothing – and that’s on a good day. Most of us can take the slog, even when it seems like we will never survive the daily ordeal, but then the world takes that as a challenge and throws even more obstacles and heartache in our way. How we cope with it says a lot about who we are, and better still, how well we can cope with such stress, anxiety, and such personal pressure.

Kittens…So Precious


The drug companies know it. It seems like, everyday, there is a new medication for people who are trying to keep their head above the fray, if just for a few moments. But we know a better way of dealing with such psychological pain. Kittens. That’s right, kittens. Baby cats. Four footed fluff balls who basically exist for no other reason than to provide the two “C”’s – companionship and cuteness.

So Precocious


Want proof? Don’t take our word for it – as part of this story there’s a video which shows several people who’ve been pushed to the edge of their limits, and what happens to them when they enter a clear square box of little love bugs. At first, they aren’t sure what to expect. But the moment those
bouncing bundles of purrs and cuddles come out, their frowns definitely turn upside down.

And So Soothing To The Psyche


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