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Straight Edge Cops Step Into The Elevator And Breaks Out Into Hilarious Dance!

Law enforcement officers have one of the most stressful and dangerous jobs on the planet.

Their entire careers are centered around making sure civilians in the municipalities in which they police are kept safe from crime while making sure that the bad guys are caught.

On the surface, it sounds easier said than done.


Once you really think about the day-to-day tasks an officer has to perform, you realize their jobs really are a lot more difficult than you may have previously given them credit for.

Even the simplest assignment, like directing traffic can turn tragic if one driver is paying more attention to their cellphone than the road ahead.


Detectives know that when they are investigating a case, anything can go wrong and they, themselves, can turn into a victim of a crime.

Or, not getting taken seriously, which happens from time to time.

It’s no wonder why some of them always seem so stressed out!


On the flip side, it’s always heartwarming to see cops really engaged with their communities and taking “to serve and protect” to a whole higher level.

Just as the small percentage of controversial cops should be held accountable, the caring and compassion cops should be praised for their efforts in truly making their community a better place.

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