Special Needs Employee At Burger King Breaks Down When Cop Shows Up With Surprise

We all can use a break from all of the negative stories and politics we see on a daily basis. Everywhere you look – TV, the news alerts on your phone, your social media feeds – it seems like every story is about something disheartening and depressing. Many people are choosing to unplug from their devices at home to get some relief from the negativity.


However, truth be told, not everything is a sad and depressing story; it just feels that way sometimes. There are a lot of stories out there about caring, compassionate, and kind people who go the extra mile to do something for someone they’ve never met. Some people call it “paying it forward” while others may refer to it as “random acts of kindness.”


In many cases, an ordinary person did something extraordinary for another human being and there’s something captivating (probably because of all the negativity out there!) to see these stories. In other cases, these people aren’t ordinary at all…


Officer Steve Olson is on a police force in Utah and learned that a young man named Troy Roberts who works at Burger King and has special needs had his bike stolen from his apartment complex last month. Having his bike stolen last month really affected Troy, who has Williams syndrome, and used his bike to get to work.

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