Hilariously Epic Snot-Shooting Prank Nearly Pushes Man Over The Edge

The gang at Disney XD have cooked up a new prank for the latest episode of Walk the Prank and fair warning – it’s snot going to be pretty. The idea behind this hidden camera joke is based on the premise that when people have a cold and can’t stop sneezing, it’s best to keep your distance from them.

But then that’s where the real fun comes in because thanks to a remote control snot-shooter and unsuspecting target, James, this prank takes a truly gross turn for the worse. While walking through the food court with her mom at the mall, Jillian Shea Spaeder’s character Bailey passes by James sitting at a table with a friend.

Suddenly, she has a huge sneeze coming on and in a perfectly timed moment, aims her snotty sneeze in James’ direction. The gooey fake snot lands squarely on his jacket and once he realizes what happened, he absolutely loses it!

You have to see his hilarious reaction and what happens next when a small crowd gathers around James and Bailey. And although we all know it’s fake snot, it’s still gross enough to make you want to gag!

Jillian Shea Spaeder’s Character Bailey Is Up To Her Old Tricks Again


Using A Remote Control Snot-Shooter, Bailey Walks By Unsuspecting James

His Epic Reaction Is Hilarious

He Couldn’t Believe What Just Happened To Him


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