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Sixth Grader Defies Her School’s Dress Code And Her Decision Has Gone Viral

Fashion has changed a lot over the last 75 years, but usually, at the onset of any new era the clothes being worn – especially by girls – have been deemed “inappropriate” or “distracting.”

Ladies were frowned upon and spoke ill of for wearing pants before World War II and even after the war ended and we were well into the 1950s, skirts and dresses were still the “acceptable” garment of choice.


Denim jeans weren’t even a thing until the 1960’s for actual casual wear; before then, dungarees were reserved for workwear. Even though Levi Strauss made their first pair in the 1870s, women who wore them on farms or in factories borrowed a pair from their husband or brother.

Levi didn’t make the first jeans for women until 1934. And again, it was for practical, not fashionable purposes.


In fact, In 1972, Pat Nixon became the first First Lady to wear pants in public. Now, jeans are a staple of every girl, teen, and woman’s wardrobe.

Seems a little silly looking back at something as simple as women wearing pants, but it was very controversial and some schools around the U.S. actually adhered to a dress code that stated adolescent girls couldn’t even wear pants.


If you went to parochial school, you likely wore a uniform and didn’t have to deal with a school’s dress code. That’s a whole different topic altogether.

However, to this day schools everywhere still make girls follow a pretty strict dress code compared to their male counterparts.

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