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Young Man Goes From Foster Care To Single Dad After Adopting Three Boys Out Of The System

There are plenty of absent fathers in the world who turn their back and even their bank account on their children, leaving them to grow up without support or guidance from a male figure.

There are also plenty of rockstar biological, step, adopted, and foster dads out there too.

They may not get enough praise or accolades and many aren’t even looking for any, but the good ones should be spoken about as the counter to the negativity.



It’s not a secret that the foster system could use an overhaul, but it shouldn’t stop prospective dads (and moms!) from looking in that direction when it comes to adoption.

Barry Farmer knows this all too well.



Barry is now 30, but grew up in what he calls “Kinship care.”

“Personally, I grew up in kinship care, which is another form of foster care,” Barry said. “My grandmother raised me. Her doing that for me, there was no way I could actually pay her back so I decided it’d be a good way to pay it forward.”



Barry didn’t just pay it forward once, he did it three times.

Eight years ago, when he was just 21 years old, he became a foster dad to eight-year-old Jaxon.

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