Singing Coal Miner Blew Everyone Away After Surprising Rendition Of Anthem

Every morning, the miners from Mammoth Coal in West Virginia, gather together for a daily safety meeting.

After one of their morning meetings, 24-year-old Josh Stowers wanted to inspire his crew mates to be brave and feel like they’re more than teammates – they’re family members.

“I wanted everybody to feel close together as a whole family right then and there,” Josh said. “A bunch of guys I work with have past military experience and I knew that song would hit them real hard and make them feel comfortable.”

“They could’ve had a bad day at that time, and that song would put them over the edge and make them feel better about themselves,” he added.


So Josh mustered up the courage – and with his crew members’ heads bowed down – he began a beautiful rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner.

“It kind of blew everyone away,” Senior Safety Representative Andrew Johnson told their local news.. “When you listen to it, it sends chills up your spine. If it doesn’t, you got something wrong with you.”

Watch Josh Inspire His Crew:

There is no kneeling in this bath house …… we have daily Safety Meeting before every shift before these guys go Underground , and we appreciate josh volunteering to sing after the meeting,thanks Josh Stowers #singingcoalminer

Posted by Shane Wriston on Tuesday, October 10, 2017

“Coal miners, they have to be brave,” Josh added. “They’re going into a place they don’t know if they’re going to walk out of it or not, but they have their families to worry about.”

Did Josh blow you away?

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