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Simon Cowell Pays $240,000 For Teen’s Life-Changing Surgery

As the girls were set to perform, a pre-roll video ran telling their story, including Julia’s which detailed how the only surgery covered by her insurance would leave her unable to dance and continue following her dreams.

Her only chance for a pain-free life that would allow her to live normally and pursuing her passion was incredibly expensive and only available in the U.S.

After their performance, judge Alesha Dixon hit the “Golden Buzzer” sending the Mersey Girls directly to the live semi-final round.

We are so happy that's julia has had her first op and she is ok!!! She is so brave and all of Mersey Girls miss her so…

Posted by JustUs-MerseyGirls on Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Ultimately, the Mersey Girls finished fourth, which meant Julia still couldn’t undergo the pioneering surgery to fix her back.

As her heart began to sink, Cowell appeared backstage.

“Simon came and spoke to us backstage,” Julia said. “Just walking off stage and he said he was paying for it and I couldn’t believe it.”

Cowell made good on his promise to Julia and flew her to the U.S. and paid nearly $240,000 for her procedure. Julia is recovering from the life-changing surgery and her doctors can’t figure out how she was able to dance for a decade in her condition.

“But thanks to the operation, my flexibility should be similar to people without scoliosis,” she said.

Watch Her Story:

Source: Simon Cowell Pays Over $240,000 So Teen Girl Can Have Life-Changing Surgery by Liftable

“I always wanted the surgery but could never afford it,” Julia explained. “I owe Simon so much because if he hadn’t paid for me, my curve would have continued to increase, leaving me unable to dance and in a lot of pain. Having an operation was my only choice.”

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