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She Felt “Invisible” Before, But Stunning Makeover For Daughter’s Wedding Proves She’s Not

The anticipation of a family wedding can be a thrilling time for all involved. From the planning of the reception to the selection of what to wear, the happy memories about to be made will last a lifetime.

But sometimes a wedding can also evoke feelings of self-consciousness about the way one looks, especially if you’re a member of the bridal party and know all eyes will be on you. For one mother of the bride, this realization came several weeks before her daughter’s special day and she didn’t want to disappoint her family.

Bev Felt “Invisible” Before


Claiming she felt she’d become stuck in her comfort zone and felt practically invisible, Bev embarked on a journey to transform herself with a fresh new look for the wedding and sought out the expertise of Christopher Hopkins, The Makeover Guy.

She Wanted To Change Things Up More For Her Daughter’s Upcoming Wedding


Bev became a fan of his ever since she read his book about the stunning makeovers he creates. The 60-year-old retiree was ready for a fresh change and with her daughter’s upcoming wedding, she wanted to make sure her daughter (who works in the fashion industry) was proud of her.

From the looks of her gorgeous makeover, it seems Bev’s chic new look simply enhances her lovely features even more!

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