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Share Tables Are Growing In Popularity Around U.S. Schools, Here’s Why

Another stipulation of the federal guidelines is that once the food is distributed through the lunch program, it can’t be served the next day. This leads to schools across the U.S. throwing out tons of unopened food that is perfectly consumable.

About 20 schools in the Orlando, Florida area have share table programs. One of the elementary schools that has implemented a “share table” gives their daily leftovers to a church that feeds 100 homeless people every week with it.

Eighth-grader Nick Iannone from Connecticut started the “share table” at his school.

“Students that are maybe less fortunate than others, don’t have a lunch or a snack at school lunch, they can come up and take fruit or we’ve seen things like chips and yogurt come off the tables,” Nick explained.

Since the table is open to all students there isn’t a stigma attached to it, according to Nick.

“Most kids usually just stay within their friend group and talk amongst themselves,” he said. “No one really cares what happens, what goes on around the food table.”

In Palm Beach County, FL, Schools Implemented “Share Tables” Three Years Ago:

Does your child’s school have a “share table?” If not, why not start one?

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