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VIDEO: Watch As A Trapped First Grader Is Dragged By A School Bus

It happens more times than you’d care to believe. While you’d think there’d be warnings, and ways of preventing such catastrophes, there have been numerous reports of such incidents occurring. And when you consider that it’s kids who’ve been affected by the circumstances, that there hasn’t been even an attempt at a solution seems counterproductive to the whole process.

It’s Something We Never Even Consider


It’s simple enough – kids should feel safe when the take the school bus. They shouldn’t have to worry about the driver, the mechanical make up of the vehicle, or getting in and out of that tricky door. Yet that’s exactly what happened to little first grader…and she ended up being dragged over 100 feet because of it. Why? Well, there are several reasons for this.

We Just Assume Our School Buses Are Safe


Witnesses stated that the seven-year-old was getting onto the transport when the doors closed on her backpack. Without warning, the driver took off…while this child was trapped outside. What happened next is just to frightening for words. The girl was pulled across the asphalt. She lost her shoes and her pants and would have been pulled all the way to school is someone hadn’t stopped the madness from continuing.

Until Something Like This Occurs


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