Security Footage Catches A Thief But Instead Of Calling The Cops, Owner Gives Him A Job

Figuring he had gotten this far, Jimmy decided not to give up and actually hired a dive team to find the woman’s wallet. Rivers fully cooperated, showing Jimmy exactly where he tossed it from. Jimmy didn’t believe Rivers initially, but after showing so much remorse and a willingness to help any way he could, Jimmy started thinking the homeless teen wasn’t a bad kid, he was just down on his luck and trying to survive.

Miraculously, the divers found the wallet with the ring still inside. Jimmy called the woman to tell her the good news and she was over the moon with gratitude to this owner who definitely went above and beyond to make sure his customer was happy.


The story could have ended there but it didn’t. Jimmy and Rivers had gotten to know each other a little over the course of the ordeal and Jimmy wanted to help the teen, so he hired him! He even helped the teen gather his few belongings from a local park and moved him into his home with his fiancée and children.

“I couldn’t have been luckier,” Rivers said. “Most other people would have just gave the footage to police, and he chose to help me. He’s made me part of his family.”

Watch Below:

Source: Bar Owner Watches Security Footage for 3 Hrs To Catch Thief, Leads Him to Homeless Child by Liftable

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