Security Footage Catches A Thief But Instead Of Calling The Cops, Owner Gives Him A Job

Being an owner of a restaurant or tavern is a tough gig. Not only is it pretty difficult, especially in the beginning, to turn a profit but it’s definitely not your typical 9-to-5 career. Many owners find themselves working at their establishment for every minute it’s open without days off. Jimmy Gilleece, the owner of a bar in North Carolina called Jimmy’s at Red Dogs, understands that the long hours and frustrations of running a bar but he also understands how important it is to make his customers happy, both local and tourists.


Last month, a woman visiting from New Mexico told Jimmy she lost her wallet in his establishment but it wasn’t the money or credit cards that had her so upset, earlier that day, she had been at the beach and took her diamond wedding ring off and tucked it in her wallet for safe keeping.

Jimmy says that the woman “was frantic, really upset about it” so he made it his mission to find her wallet with the ring inside. He searched through the security footage for over three hours looking for the answer of what happened to the lady’s wallet. After six cameras worth of footage, Jimmy finally spotted the wallet on a bench outside of his bar. Then he noticed a “shady character” come by and swipe it then take off.


The owner could’ve chalked it up to a petty theft and tell the woman he was sorry but there’s nothing that can be done at this point, but Jimmy was determined to find the stolen wallet. He posted the footage online, asking the community for help. Shockingly, the thief turned himself in.


The thief was a teenager named Rivers who told Jimmy that he hadn’t eaten in two days and that he only took the cash from the wallet, even though he saw the ring inside. Rivers told Jimmy that he tossed the wallet into the water from a public dock.

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