Secrets Behind Seven Of The Most Iconic Celebrity Hairstyles

For many celebs, their signature look revolves around their hairstyle. For others, it’s their ability to change hairstyles like they change their designer outfits.

Even still, there have been some whose looks changed through the years but they hit paydirt with one look that worked, so they stuck with it.


Look, we’re all aware that what you see in the celebosphere isn’t always what you get, but we would still love to believe that Scarlett Johansson’s skin is flawless and Beyonc√©’s tresses are her own.

The illusion celebs give of perfection helps with the fantasy that comes with being a starlet, even though the truth is that it takes a lot of effort to look as good as these ladies do on an everyday basis.


But some of the most iconic hairstyles in Hollywood and beyond didn’t come about by a detailed gameplan by a highly-paid styling team. Some of the most recognizable hairstyles in the world came to be because of a fluke or to cover up a mishap.

Don’t believe us? Check these seven secrets behind the most iconic celebrity hairstyles…

1. Jennifer Aniston


Let’s start with the most famous hairstyle of the last two decades, “The Rachel.” Aniston’s hair has changed very little since becoming the most famous mane in New York during the 90’s when Friends ruled the TV airwaves. Her famous ‘do was the invention of her longtime stylist Chris McMillan who was trying to compensate for a mishap. Aniston told ELLE UK: “It wasn’t for a role. My hair went through a phase – I did this thing called a Brazilian and my hair did not react really well to it.”

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