Scientists Say The ‘Vampire Facial’ May Actually Work!

You may be new to the term “Vampire Facial” or have never heard about the procedure before. Kim Kardashian is the one to thank if you have seen it or have even done it after posting photos of herself having the procedure in 2013. You may be thinking, “It can’t be as gruesome as it sounds…” but it is. However, it also works according to a recent review.


The procedure, which is officially called platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy, extracts blood, separates the plasma, then smears it and injects it back into the face. Celebrities and those who perform the procedure claim it gives the face a youthful glow. Others are more skeptical.


It turns out Kim K. and the A-listers may be right. A new review, which analyzed results from 22 PRP studies, says the procedure does rejuvenate the face and lessen the appearance of wrinkles. There are two drawbacks, however; cost and pain.


A “Vampire Facial” is not offered at every spa or skin care facility, which makes finding a licensed professional difficult – and pricey. The procedure can cost as much as $1,400 and is as painful as it sounds. In fact, Kim K. recently admitted she would never do it again.

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