Scientists Say First Born Children Are Smarter Than Their Siblings

If you have siblings, you’re either going to love or hate the latest scientific findings regarding where you fall in the “smart scale.” If you’re older than your brothers/sisters, you will likely be quite pleased with the results.

If you’re the middle or baby of the family, well, we’re just relaying what science says, so don’t shoot the messenger!


Typically, first-born kids usually have it a little rougher when it comes to how they were parented. Mom and dad don’t know what to expect when they’re expecting which usually leads to a whole lot of hovering and following books and blogs to a T.


The middle child sometimes has a lot of expectations to live up to but parents are usually a little more relaxed with discipline. They either figure “We may have a been a little too hard on (insert oldest’s name) and they turned out fine so we can take the foot of the pedal a smidge.”

Does any of this sound familiar yet?


The baby of the family usually gets away with murder, at least according to his/her older siblings.

Mom and dad have the routine down by now and don’t bother rushing their youngest to the doctor when they have a runny nose and their temperature breaches 99 degrees.

But is that hurting the child in the long run?

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