Scientists Say Your Baby Can Read Your Emotions Long Before They Can Talk!

Parents often say that they know their baby “understands” what they’re saying, long before the infant can walk or talk. Others may scoff at this proclamation but it turns out there’s actually some truth to it…in a way.


When you infant begins walking and bumps into objects and falls down they immediately look to mom or dad for the reaction. Have you ever noticed that if you or your partner smile and give an enthusiastic “You’re okay!” and moves on, in most cases, so will your child?


On the other hand, if you gasp loudly with a look of shock and rush over to comfort your baby, well, he or she usually starts to cry.

Well-meaning friends and family will tell you that your infant is looking for your reaction and although it can be slightly aggravating to receive unsolicited advice when you’re raising your child, in this instance, they’re on the right track.


A recent study found that children as young as six months old are able to process the difference between certain emotions, which gives credence to the theory that they react in accordance with your facial reaction.

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