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He Thought He Found Newborn Kittens, But Russian Farmer Got Much Bigger Surprise

It happens all the time, especially out in farm country. Someone stumbles across an abandoned barn or other available space, and within moments, they are confronted by cuteness. For some reason, feral animals like dogs, foxes, and cats enjoy the privacy of an old, uninhabited structure, the better to give birth to and raise their babies with little human interference.

A Farmer In Russia Thought He Found Newborn Kittens


But in a recent case in Russia, what one man thought he had found was not some normal collection of baby felines. You see, a local farm had been razed and was now a noisy, chaotic construction site. When our hero wandered by, he stumbled across four adorable little cats. They were obvious newborns, and the man hoped their mother would show up.

Turns Out, They Weren’t Your Typical Felines


But even with the babies crying and complaining, mom was a no-show. Upon closer inspection, however, the man noticed something unusual about the animals. Their build was unusual, as was their fur patterns and amount. So he contacted wildlife workers from the nearby Daursky Nature Reserve and asked for their opinion. Turns out, these weren’t domestic kittens at all.

Instead, They Were Something More Exotic


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