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‘The Chicken Whisperer’ Gets An Unexpected Hiking Companion Through Appalachian Mountains!

Heather Bolint is an animal rights activist who quit her job with the Humane Society so she could pursue her dream of hiking the entirety of the Appalachian Trail.

The Appalachian Mountains are home to a bevy of various wildlife like the American black bear, deer, snakes, beavers, and foxes – perfect for an animal enthusiast!


However, one visitor dropped in on Heather’s trek that was definitely unexpected.

When Heather was 1,124 miles into her hike, she was close to the Mason Dixon line that separates Pennsylvania from Maryland when she encountered what she describes as a “fancy” rooster.


Heather’s nickname is the “The Chicken Whisperer” so she was quite delighted by her surprise guest.

It turns out the “fancy” rooster is actually a Polish crested rooster with beautiful gold and white feathers.


Heather assumed the rooster’s owners would come looking for him so she took a break and waited.

There weren’t any houses around and the closest road was 20 miles away, so “The Chicken Whisperer” decided to name the rooster Eddie and take him along on her travels.

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