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Rob Lowe Feeds Firefighters Battling California Wildfire That Has Destroyed More Than 700 Homes

The California wildfires have been more for more than two weeks and although officials aren’t sure what started the fire, they do know that the brutal Santa Ana winds are keeping the fires alive.

With the powerful winds spreading the fires throughout the Southern California region, it’s been incredibly hard to contain the blazes.

Most notably, the Thomas Fire, which is the largest and most destructive in the area.

The flames of the Thomas Fire are being fanned by 30 mph sustained wind and gusts topping 60 mph.

That particular fire is now the third-largest in California history, and could even get bigger as more than 8,500 firefighters struggle to contain even a portion of it.

The Thomas Fire has already burned through 269,000 acres, has destroyed at least 1,000 structures and is threatening 18,000 more as of Sunday morning.

Among the buildings destroyed are over 700 residences, with hundreds of thousands of people forced to evacuate the heavily-populated area.

My commute home tonight. We are safe. Others aren’t. Pray for them.

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Among the people forced to leave their homes and estates behind are several celebrities.


Oprah Winfrey, Chelsea Handler, Ellen DeGeneres, Chrissy Teigen, Katy Perry, Rob Lowe and many others had to flee their mansions for safety last week.

But one of them returned to say “thank you” to the firefighters in an incredibly kind and thoughtful way.

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