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River Island Is Breaking ‘Disability’ Stereotypes Once Again With Their Six Newest Models!

Last year, the River Island clothing label turned heads and broke the “disability” stereotype by hiring Joseph Hale, an 11-year-old boy from England who has Down syndrome. The brand began a campaign that every child is unique back in the fall that was received exceedingly well.

“River Island made it comfortable for me and I really enjoyed it,” Joseph said. “I was trying to get everyone to dance to the music. It is good to be able to champion disabilities.”

River Island is back at it again with a new campaign called “Labels Are For Clothes,” in which six of the children featured in the newest advert have a disability – just don’t tell them that!


Six-year-old Cora Bishop from Wales is one of the brand’s newest models. Cora was diagnosed with Down syndrome when she was born and her mother Sheryl worried about how her beautiful daughter would be treated when she started to grow up.


“Cora absolutely loved it, she was in her element being the center of attention and making everyone laugh. She loves all the big bows and girly things,” Sheryl said.

“They took her to the set where they film the video and she just ran on and started playing with the balloons – they didn’t need to give her any direction,” she added. “I can’t even explain how proud everyone is of her and it’s given her faith she can achieve what she wants to achieve.”

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