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The Most Ridiculous Gadgets Out To ‘Make You Beautiful Without The Plastic Surgery’

Everyone wants to look their best and some people will go to extremes in order to do so.

Plastic surgery is, of course, the most extreme, but even injectibles can make a well-intentioned beauty seeker look a little less glamorous than they had hoped.

Even people who can’t afford expensive trips to specialists will put a lot of effort into finding other products that will give them their desired look, usually online.

Just type “beauty” products into a Google search and you will be able to sift through over 380 million responses to your query. It would be pretty time-consuming to go through all of the results and eliminate all of the bizarre ones.

Don’t go through the trouble of doing all of that. One art student already did it and found 15 of the most ridiculous beauty products on the market.

You don’t need any of these – you’re pretty terrific just the way you are and none of these look like they’ll actually work, although the companies that make them swear they will.

Anti-Wrinkle Mask

This is sold as an “Anti-wrinkle mask,” but it looks more like something a crazed ax murderer would make his victims wear in a psychological thriller.

Face Slimmer

This is a very popular product in Asia, although you have to wonder how many bugs you would swallow if you wore this outside.

Double-Chin Eliminator

This mask can actually be found on an online costume site. This is a legit product, however, that claims to lift your chin and eliminate the “double-chin.”


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