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See How A Rescue Dog And A Baby Became Adorable Napping BFFs

If there’s one thing that the Internet has taught us, it’s that puppies and babies make the world go round. And if you really want to have your heart stolen, turn that into napping puppies and babies and we swoon every single time.

Case in point? The latest viral duo, baby Archie and his eight-year-old rescue pup, Nora. The two have been the photographic subjects of mom Elizabeth Spence for some time now, and there is no shortage of adorableness to go around.

Not only did Elizabeth want to share her sweet photos on Instagram, but she also wanted to share the importance of raising awareness about rescue dogs. It seems Nora came to them after having been abused for some time, and it was difficult for her to open up and trust her new family at first.

But Nora took an instant liking to baby Archie, and the two formed a beautiful friendship that would allow her to blossom into a well-adjusted member of the family.

In addition to baby Archie, Nora has found comfort in Elizabeth’s two other children, Loretta and Wellington; as well as Elizabeth’s husband, Michael. Not to mention three cats and two more  dogs!

Archie And Nora Are BFFs

They Nap Together…

Cuddle Up Next To Each Other…

Because nap time is better with friends! . FUJI-XT1

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And Find Comfort In Their Slumber Together

Mama Nora and her pup in the still of the warm, afternoon light ????

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Rescued Pup Nora Has Learned How To Trust…

Puppy love ❤️ . FUJI XT1

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