Rejected Cat Who Walked 12 Miles To Return To Family Who Didn’t Want Him Gets A Happy Ending!

Even if you’re not a pet owner, your heart has to go out to those dogs and cats who go mistreated, neglected, and abandoned and wind up in the local shelter. Tens of thousands of hearts went out to an adorable kitty named Toby last week after his story went viral on social media.


“Toby the cat,” as he’s become known, was a member of a North Carolina family for several years. Now, seven years old, the family decided they no longer wanted the orange and white cat and gave him away to another family 12 miles away from where they live.


Toby wasn’t enjoying his new life and missed his family terribly; so much so, that he walked 12 miles back to what he thought was his home. When he got there, he found out that the people he couldn’t wait to go home to didn’t want him at all.


They took Toby to a local shelter and asked them to euthanize him. After they gave the volunteer their story and left, his heart was broken for the cat and he refused to put him down. Instead, he called the Wake County SPCA and explained Toby’s situation.

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