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This Real-Life Rapunzel Gives The Secrets To Her 64-Inch-Long Hair

It’s one of the best known fairy tales out there. Just mention the name and people instantly recognize the participants and the premise. Indeed, the story of Rapunzel, her incredibly long hair, and the witch who locks her up in an incredibly tall tower, is a favorite among little girls. Not only does it follow the whole damsel in distress dynamic but puts a clever spin on the pampered princess ideal as well.

She’s A Popular Fictional Character


In the real world, however, having long hair is a bit of an anomaly. Fashion dictates a certain look and only the rebellious and the non-conformist buck the Madison Avenue trends. Andrea Colson definitely doesn’t follow the norm. She has amazing hair – shiny, healthy, and a gorgeous shade of strawberry blond. It’s also more than five feet long. You read that right – it’s over 64” in length.

Disney Even Made A Movie About Her


Reaching down to her ankles and requiring dozens of ties and twists to keep it under control, many call Colson a living representation of that fabled fictional character. Unlike Rapunzel, however, she doesn’t live in a tall tower and isn’t looking for Prince Charming to come and save her. She does get a lot of attention for her highly unusual ‘do.

Now Meet The Real Life Rapunzel


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